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Recipe Name Category Submitted By
1 Acapulco Rice Mexican Admin
2 Acbyron's Tuna Cakes Main Dish Admin
3 Accidental Whole Wheat Herb Bread Baked Goods Admin
4 Aceitunas Rellenas - Stuffed Olives Appetizers Admin
5 Acetaria (Romulan Legume Salad) Salad Admin
6 Achara Zuke (Turnips in Vinegar Dressing No. 36) Regional Cuisine Admin
7 Achot (Garlicky Farmer's Cheese with Walnuts) Appetizers Admin
8 Acorda, Portugese Bread Soup Chicken Admin
9 Acorn Pie Desserts Admin
10 Acorn Squash & Apple Soup Chicken Admin
11 Acorn Squash and Apple Soup Chicken Admin
12 Acorn Squash and Wild Rice Rice Admin
13 Acorn Squash Cake Baked Goods Admin
14 Acorn Squash Rings Vegetables Admin
15 Acorn Squash Rings With Cranberries And Apples Vegetables Admin
16 Acorn Squash Soup Rice Admin
17 Acorn Squash Soup w/Corned Beef & Walnuts Soups Admin
18 Acorn Squash with Cranberry Filling Appetizers Admin
19 Acorn Squash with Wehani Rice & Pecan Stuffing Rice Admin
20 Acorn Squash'N Pasta Soup Pasta Admin
21 Acorns Baked Goods Admin
22 Acquasale (Sweet Pepper Sauce) Appetizers Admin
23 Acquazzurra Indonesian Chicken Madras Main Dish Admin
24 Acrobat Chocolate Polenta Cake Cake Admin
25 Adai Regional Cuisine Admin
26 Adai (Savory Indian Pancakes) Breakfasts Admin
27 Adam's Apple Cake Baked Goods Admin
28 Adas Careh (Lentil Butter) Appetizers Admin
29 Adobe Pie Baked Goods Admin
30 Adobo (Mexican Smoked Chile Marinade) Mexican Admin
31 Adobong Isda (Fish in Tangy Sauce) Quick and Easy Admin
32 Adobong Pusit Regional Cuisine Admin
33 Adolf Frey's Pike Quenelles Regional Cuisine Admin
34 Adrak (Ginger Stock) Regional Cuisine Admin
35 Adriatic Spaghetti - Spaghetti dell'adriatico Pasta Admin
36 Aduki and Squash Soup Soups Admin
37 Advent Cookies Baked Goods Admin
38 Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog) Liquor Admin
39 Advocaat Torte Liquor Admin
40 Adzuki Bean Stew Main Dish Admin
41 Aeblekage (Apple Cake) Baked Goods Admin
42 Aebleskiver Breakfasts Admin
43 Aebleskiver(Danish Pancake Balls) Breakfasts Admin
44 Aebleskivers Breakfasts Admin
45 Aegean Sea Chowder (Psarosoupa Kakavia) Regional Cuisine Admin
46 Aelplermagronen (The Alpine Farmer's Macaroni Applesauce) Pasta Admin
47 Aepfelkratzet (Apple Scramble) Breakfasts Admin
48 Afelia (Braised Pork with Coriander) Main Dish Admin
49 Afghani Lamb with Spinach Lamb Admin
50 African Beef and Rice Main Dish Admin

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